Images add a lot to a blog post or social media post. Blogs and social media posts with images grab more attention and get shared more often:

  • Facebook posts with images have 2.3 times the engagement as those without images
  • Blogs/articles with an image once every 100 words received double the social media shares
  • Tweets with images get 150% more retweets than tweets without

So we've established that images are essential in any form of online marketing. However, with so many images flying around the Internet, it can be easy to get into legal hot water (and many don't even realize it). 

This blog will share how to avoid copyright issues when sharing images, and where to find free, legal images to use.

The wrong way to find images

Nowadays, when someone is looking for something, they turn to a search engine, such as Google. However, grabbing an image off of Google or another can get you into copyright trouble.

Even though information is shared freely and substantially throughout the Internet, there are still ownership and copyright issues to be aware of. When it comes to images, you simply cannot grab one from a random site (or Google Image search), and use it in your marketing.

Where you can find free, legal images

In many cases, the copyright issue comes into play because people sell licenses to their photos, so they don't want you grabbing it for free. There are many sites where you can license images (at various prices) to use in your marketing.

Luckily, there are a lot of free sites as well, many with high-quality visuals that you can use. Here are some of the best image sites out there right now:

When looking for images for your social media, blog, website or even physical marketing materials, I suggest sticking to one of these sites. 

Want more information on how to find (or create) quality, legal images for your online marketing? Check out this Ultimate Guide to Images.