Today is a new beginning: Olsen Marketing Solutions has become One Less Hat! We provide marketing support and training for small businesses, and specialize in helping maximize limited budget and time.

I'm thrilled to launch this new brand, and wanted to share a little more about us in this blog. 

The story behind the name

The goal with this new brand was to support small businesses who didn't have a marketing budget or extra time on their hands to do it all. (Let's be honest, that applies to most small businesses, including mine!)

I've always gravitated toward serving small businesses, but the idea for this brand really solidified after reading the following business advice for consultants: "Find a profitable market that can afford your products and services."

On its face, this advice is logical and smart. However, after reading this same advice over and over again, I couldn't help but think about the small businesses who needed marketing help but weren't rolling in cash at the moment.

That realization is what inspired One Less Hat. We all know the saying "business owners wear many hats" (and it couldn't be more true), so my goal is to give small business owners one less thing to worry about (one less hat) by teaching budget- and time-effective marketing strategies.

What's new

Beyond the new name, logo and website, the biggest change is that we have moved from 1x1 consulting to online training.

The focus of One Less Hat will be our online school, One Less Hat Academy, which teaches small business marketing strategies that are budget-friendly and easy to implement. 

To celebrate this new launch and help familiarize people with the training available, we're offering a 25% off coupon for any and all courses, valid only until Sunday, Feb. 12, at midnight EST. 

I invite you to explore our new website and the free resources available, and check out our online school for affordable and comprehensive trainings.