This post was written by guest blogger Tony Gnau, founder of T60 Productions

Producing a great video for your business is an awesome marketing tool to have in your tool belt. However, not every marketing video is a success, and those that fall flat usually have one thing to blame… great video, no plan.

It’s one of the most common issues I face as a video producer. I get a call from a business owner or executive who’s all excited about creating a video for their business. I love that! Video is a lot of fun. Here’s how the conversation usually goes:

BUSINESS LEADER: “Our leadership team is super excited about producing a company video. I visited your website and want to get some details on pricing and the process with what’s involved.”

ME: “Great! Let me ask a few questions first. Who’s your audience?”

BUSINESS LEADER: “Umm, our customers and prospects, I guess. We basically want to highlight the company/product/service.”

ME: “Okay… where are you going to show the video? Website, social media, email campaign, live event?”

BUSINESS LEADER: “Hmmm… probably our website.”

ME: “How do you plan to promote the video?”

BUSINESS LEADER: ((silence)) “What do you mean?”

And that’s how it goes. Someone at the company gets all excited about producing a video, but they’re only thinking about the fun part. Lights, camera, action! Video is the big shiny marketing object in the room.

But behind the shine, there are a series of details that need to be considered. Plans that need to be made to ensure a successful project. And none of them have anything to do with video production cost.

Here are three things I always make sure clients understand about producing a video.

Know Your Audience

This should be the driving force behind everything you do for your video. Some businesses produce videos based on what they think is cool or makes them look good. Many times this information is insignificant to their audience. Instead, when deciding on the video’s content, look, and feel… you should always be asking, “What does our audience want to see?”

Video Promotion

You can create the best video ever, if you don’t have a plan for promoting the video it’s all for naught. We want as many people as possibly, or at least the right people, to see the video. Just putting it on your website isn’t going to get the job done.

Make Video a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

This is the big one. While I love video, it’s just a tactic. An awesome tactic, but just a tactic nonetheless. It needs to be a part of a greater marketing strategy. If you have that, the first two questions become much easier to answer.

Flash back to that recurring conversation I have with business owners/executives. In those cases, I start talking with them about putting their video on hold, and start talking with a marketing pro. It’s that important.

While putting together a professional marketing strategy will cost a little extra money, it can help the company save and make more money in the long run.

Having a strategy in place will help business owner spend their marketing dollars better. It’s something Alicia covers in lesson two of 5 Common Marketing Mistakes To Avoid. That strategy will also tie together many marketing tactics which will have a greater impact than just a single tactic like a video. When all tactics are in place and working together, you’re bound to get more leads.

Wrapping Up

Video is fun, exciting, and even better… a tool that can help you make sales! It allows a company to create a good first impression. It allows the business to show there are real people behind the products and services. Video is a great way to earn trust.

Make it a part of your overall marketing strategy, and ensure its success.


Tony Gnau is a three-time Emmy-winning journalist. He is also the founder and chief storytelling officer at T60 Productions. T60 has won 13 Telly Awards for its work.