"What should I be posting on social media?" This is one of the most common questions I hear from small business owners when it comes to implementing a business social media strategy. This blog will overview some topics to consider when creating a social media strategy. 

Get a list of 42 unique social media post ideas, plus tips to be successful with social media. 

Social media best practices

Before we start looking at specific post ideas, here are some general social media best practices to keep in mind.

  • Aim to educate with your social media most of the time (and share promotional posts only about 10% of the time).
  • Always think about your audience and what will appeal to them when deciding what to post.
  • Share other people's content (with attribution) and include your own opinion or spin on the topic.
  • Use social media to give others an inside view of your company and employees.

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Social media post ideas

Consider these different post ideas and topics when creating your social media strategy.

  • Share your own content (blogs, etc.) and knowledge related to your industry
  • Share others' content and interact with your followers
  • Share fun posts such as questions, quotes and surveys
  • Give a glimpse inside your company by highlighting company events or profiling employees
  • Share a current promotion, or generally promote your products or services (sparingly)

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