Blogging can bring huge benefits to a small business, including establishing industry expertise, expanding an online presence and attracting potential clients. However, maintaining a successful business blog is no small feat. One of the biggest questions I hear is "What should I write about?" In this blog, I'll share a variety of topic ideas to help inspire you--so you never run out of things to write about.

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Industry topics

One of the best reasons for blogging is to educate your target audience. People who are looking for information about your industry or area of service can often become customers through effective blogging. Your goal here is to share your expertise and establish yourself as an expert. Consider topics such as:

  • Industry FAQs
  • Historical information
  • Current or upcoming trends

Promotional/company-specific topics

There are many ways to use your blog to promote your company, product or service. Here are a few ideas:

  • Customer testimonial
  • Promote a sale/promotion
  • Highlight different employees
  • Write about company events, conferences or community involvement

How-to topics

Another way to educate your audience is through posts that offer tips, best practices or advice related to an industry topic (or anything that would appeal to your target audience). There are countless ways to use this topic, such as:

  • 5 tips to ______ successfully
  • How to _______ on a budget
  • Avoid these mistakes when ________
  • How to ______ the right way

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