Small Business Saturday 2016 is approaching, and many of us are preparing to #shopsmall, whether in our local communities or to support small online businesses. As a small business owner, you yourself may be planning your own Small Business Saturday promotion (and if you are, I wish you luck - and feel free to comment with your business in the comments!).

As we're in the season of giving, I want to encourage small business owners to support their OWN business and give themselves a gift this Small Business Saturday. 

How Do I Support My Own Business?

There are many ways to support your own business this time of year. One of these strategies may be the perfect "gift" to yourself and your business.

  • Do some strategic planning for 2017. What are your goals? What will you need to do to reach those goals? This is a great time of year to do this strategic thinking.
  • Audit your books. This isn't a fun task, but as 2016 comes to an end, it's a smart thing to do. If you track your mileage, make sure your log is up-to-date. Likewise, ensure your expense tracking is current and/or that you have all the receipts you need. Look at your incoming and outgoing money, and double check that everything is correct. If there are unpaid invoices, make a plan to follow up with those clients. 
  • Invest in your business for 2017. As you look ahead to 2017, think of areas you'd like to improve your business. Perhaps it's a good time to hire on a part-time employee or virtual assistant. Or maybe you want to invest in some training to move your business forward. (If training strikes your fancy, you may want to check out the marketing-focused Small Business Saturday promotion I have coming up.)

Do you have thoughts to share? What are you doing this time of year to support your own small business?