I've worked with and spoken to a lot of business owners, and this is one of the first questions I ask. "Why should a potential client choose you over the competition?" In other words, what makes you different, special, unique enough to rise above the competition?

In my experience, this can be a scary question. As small business owners, we don't think about this—we're too busy running our business. I talk more about this in the video below.

Want to learn more about this topic?

Based on my years speaking and strategizing with business owners, I put together an online course that walks you through the steps of answering the question posed above. Through the process, you will:

  • Discover/determine your target customer
  • Identify what makes you truly unique from competitors
  • Learn how to communicate that unique value to your target customers in a way that will resonate and drive sales

If that interests you, please check out my online course here.

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