Last week I wrote about what you should be posting on your Facebook business page. Now that you’re up and running (or even if you’ve had a Facebook page for quite a while), there may be some hidden gems you’re missing out on. Today I’ll share four of the best features you should be taking advantage of on your Facebook business page.

1. Customize a call to action

Hopefully you already have a unique cover photo on your Facebook business page, but you may have missed the option to add a custom call to action button to that photo. Right next to the button that says “Share” on the lower right corner of your cover photo, you’ll see another button that says “Create Call to Action.” This will create a custom button that will direct visitors on your page wherever you want, helping them take action to purchase or visit your website directly.

  1. Click on “Create Call to Action.”
  2. Choose your call to action phrase, whether it is “Shop Now” or “Book Now” or one of the other options.
  3. Enter the website you want the button directing to (such as your website).

2. Invite your friends

One of the toughest parts of starting a Facebook business page is gaining followers. Luckily, Facebook has an easy way for you to invite people you already know.

On the left side of your page, right under your profile picture, you should see a box that says “Invite Friends.” (Note that this doesn’t always show, as Facebook sometimes uses this space to try and get you to purchase advertising. If you come back later, you’ll see Invite Friends.)

In the “Invite Friends” box, you can easily invite people you are already connected with through your personal Facebook page, as well as enter email addresses to invite other people you know to like your page. If you manage your business page with others, make sure they all invite their friends to grow your following.

3. Schedule future posts

I am a big fan of scheduling social media posts in batches, to make social media management as efficient as possible. While I generally use BufferApp to manage all my social media accounts at once, Facebook does have an easy option to schedule a Facebook post for a future date and time.

When you’re adding a Facebook post, right next to the “Post” button is a down arrow. Click that and you’ll see the option “Schedule.” Then you can set a future date and time to schedule that post for.

4. Pin an important post to the top of your page

If you have a certain post that you always want visible on your page (say, that has important information about your business or celebrates a significant milestone), you can pin it to the top of your page. That way, when someone lands on your page and takes a look at your posts, the first one they will always see is the one you “pinned” to the top, regardless of how long ago that was.

If you’d like to do this, simply choose the post you want to pin, click the gray down arrow on the upper right corner of that post, and choose “Pin to Top.”


Your turn: Did I miss anything? What are your favorite tips and tricks for your Facebook page? Plus, if you need some ideas of WHAT to post on Facebook, check out this resource